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  1. I’ve been looking to buy organic produce direct from farmer in order to get a better product while cutting out the middleman.

    I bought cinnamon, clove and pepper from them and it’s really good.
    aromatic, mold free, with robust flavor. It’s actually encouraging me to cook more!

    the products reached me well packed.

    Thank you for the amazing spices!

  2. The customer service was excellent. The delivery service was also very fast… It took only 3 days for the entire process (including order placement and delivery).

  3. Always wanted to get stuff from this place. But always skipped my mind. Finally have started and plan to do so regularly. Really good quality stuff and I know there won’t be any compromise on the stuff knowing Anoop. It’s wonderful stuff.

  4. Till now I have purchased 4 bottles for Honey from Anoop. Its really good and the I knew many facts of Honey from Him. Quality is very good and You will experience what is called real honey after tasting this.

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