Amba Muti-Purpose Liquid Go-Arak Detergent for Clothes and Dish

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Amba Go-Arak Liquid wash for Clothes and Dish

‘Amba’ Mutli-purpose liquid is based on Amruthasara Arka. The best know cleansing agent of all time. The liquid is made of a unique combination of Amruthasara and natural fragrances, retains a perfect pH balance of 7

This makes it extremely skin friendly.

The phenomenal purifying qualities of Amruthasara arka(Distilled cow urine), along with its anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties, ensures that this liquid gives your utensils and clothes the best possible cleaning and disinfectant effect. This liquid also requires less water to clean and rinse as compared to conventional soaps and leaves no chemical residue on the washed items.

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Amba Multi-Purpose Liquid

This product is developed by Mr. Subramani Prasad in the village perala with his team of passionate cow rears. Who has has been working for the preservation and upliftment of the Kasargod breed for a long time in association with the Gau Bank of Hosunagar Ramachandra mutt.

To augment his income, Mr. Prasad, in 2006, began innovating with cow urine. He discovered a formula for pesticides and pest repellent. The significance of Gomutra and Gomaya propounded by ancient teachings and literature is never taken lightly in this household. The formula is a unique blend of modern and traditional ingredients and techniques.

making medicine in traditional copper vessel
Making gritham in Copper Vessel

To know more about Mr. Prasad click the above image.

This dish washing liquid under my impressions is it cleans all the grease without leaving any suds or other residue of it’s own. This effect, according to Mr. Prasad, is because of the distilled cow urine (Amruthasara Arak). The dryness caused by caustic soaps is also not a visibly seen after using this.

Ingredients: Amruthasara arka, Labsa, sodium hydroxide and natural fragrances.

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500 ml

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  1. i was using it from its launch, its very good skin friendly dishwash and cloth wash liquid, comparatively from branded liquid its far far better one. its new brands like amba neem , amba shubra , ambnyle are very good products. quality is maintained at par from other brands.loved it

  2. The best dishwashing liquid I have used.It cleanses even hard stains with ease.Completely satisfied with the purchase.Thank you.

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