Lime Pickle – Naranga Achar Kerala Style

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Kerala Lime pickle – Naranga Achar

Fresh ripe lime is used for the production of lemon pickle.


Lemon, salt, chilli powder, mustard, asafoetida, vinegar, fenugreek and turmeric powder.

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Speciality of Lemon Pickle:

Extremely small quantity of vinegar is used in the process of making the pickle and no artificial additives are used while processing lime pickle.

All the recipes are prepared using traditional methods.

Pickles that encourage natural fermentation enable build-up of lactobacillus which keeps other dangerous bacteria away. Such pickles are therefore considered to be a good source of probiotics and vitamin K2. It also has a shelf life of more than a year; provided basic hygiene is maintained while using the pickle.

    • Lemon helps in the absorption of water in the body.
    • Aids in Digestion.
    • Builds immunity levels.
    • Improves skin texture.
    • Helps in cutting excess fat and oil from the diet.
    • Sourness will help reduce sugar and salt levels in blood(Excellent for diabetics and BP trouble).
    • Lime has tremendous health benefits because of the acids in the fruit.
    • It also increases the taste of the food.
    • Pickling helps to enjoy the lime fruit along with its bitter skin.

Health Benefits of lime Pickle:

They are also considered to be a good source of essential minerals, vitamins, useful bacteria and other essential acids that aid in the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. However, modern day pickles are a store house of high salts, artificial acids and other harmful chemicals that disturb the gastrointestinal balance.

Pickles are all in tight consistency unlike store brought ones which have high vinegar, MSG (mono sodium glutamate / ajinomoto), sulphites like potassium metabisulphate, sulfur dioxide, sodium benzoate and many other chemicals and cheap adulterants to bulk up and increased shelf life.

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