The Cock and Bull Story of Kerala’s Cattle-Development Policy – Part 1

Men are generally more troublesome than women. Males are more prone to aggression, boisterousness, crime and violence. They are also more difficult to control. Men also tend to eat/consume more than women and as such are more expensive to maintain. Putting these facts together and adding on the cost-benefit analysis too, it will be safe to assume that men drain the exchequer. In the current scenario of food shortage and…


The cock and bull story of Kerala’s cattle-development policy – Part 2

Matured kasargod dwarf bull with small horns. Single black uniform color

This article is continuation of The cock and bull story of Kerala’s cattle-development policy Brazil has turned to the traditional Indian way of cattle rearing, after a lot of research. 80% of their cattle comprise of Indian Breeds. They also favour natural breeding using bulls, let cattle graze instead of stall feeding ,as this found to be the most effective way of rearing. Vechur Cows contaminated with Jersey and Swiss Brown…


Baby Krait Snake compare with Common Wolf Snake

Indian Krait baby Snake

There is a lot of misunderstanding between Krait and Common Wolf snake in most part of India. I keep regularly encountering snakes. After I moved to Kerala, I have come across many types of snakes, some face to face. I have had even close encounter with cobra. I actually carried a baby cobra in a shopper bag for almost 2 hours unknowingly, it somehow got into my bag which was…