I am anoop rajan. I was raised in Bombay and currently based in Kannur, Kerala.

Sustainable living has been my dream since the past couple of years and in the meanwhile I have gone through various changes in my career.

Anoop handling bees

Even though I was based and raised in Bombay. My parents made sure to visit Kerala every summer vacations. I have seen things changing drastically in Kerala over the last few years.

3 years back I moved to our Ancestral property to practice Natural Farming. This blog is my experience and experiments with Traditional Agriculture practices and Lifestyle of Kerala.

Most people believe Natural Farming is easy and there is no work; you leave the land to do the work. This is not completely true. Nature takes its course. Even the Father of natural farming Masanobu Fukuoka sometimes planted seeds in the soil instead of just throwing the seeds on the top layer of soil.

Most successful farmers are the ones who devise their own way of doing things with the basic principles what everyone uses.

When I moved to Kerala, I had no idea of the situation of Cows. I tried several cow dung and urine for enriching the soil. Nothing satisfied me. To be clear it was not ‘cow dung’, it was ‘cow shit’; repulsive odour and shit flies sticking on to it.

That is when I decided to study the situation of cows in Kerala and landed buying a Kasargod Dwarf cow.

I also have few native varieties of paddy and pulses. Along with few other indigenous vegetables of Kerala.

My land holding is very small. But I am trying to optimize what I have. It is a coconut plantation with some wild and timber trees. So instead of clearing trees I have added black pepper vines to the coconut trees. And around the base of trees I planted Kanthari chillies and Greater Yam; both require indirect sunlight.

I cultivate rice, pulses and other vegetables in paddy fields on a small piece of land on lease for home consumption.

Most of the information you see on this blog is based on my conversations with some elderly relatives and aged farmers in my locality and other like minded people whom I come across. Most of the practices you read on the blog was practised when fossil fuel was not available.

Also a hearty thanks to people directly or indirectly helping me pursue my way of life.

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