Transplanting a queen bee to a “qeen-less” colony.

Parts of the modular queen bee transplanting cage

A honey bee colony is an immensely complex structure geometrically, architecturally as well as socially. The social order within the colony is strict and it’s health is determined by the queen bee. A hive without a queen is as good as lost. Unfortunately, many a hives loose a queen for various reasons. Bees tend to abandon the hive and move on causing significant loss in time, effort and potential loss of honey production to an apiculturist. This simple contraption can be used to transplant a queen cell from another hive, where it may be redundant, to a colony without queen, thus saving and reviving it’s workforce.


Bamboo cultivation for tender shoots

Harvested bambo shoots

Bamboo is a perennial grass. It is categorized under the same family of grass as wheat, rice and many other monocots. Bamboo is an evergreen plant in the true grass family with a few of its members growing as high as 100 feet tall. They are sometimes referred to as “bamboo trees” Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Their growth is clearly evident in some species which…


Why you should not buy a Gir cow

Gir cow features highlighted

The Gir breed of cattle is amongst the most well known breeds attributed to India. It is known to have been bred for its milk production. Although there are some suggestions that it was bred out of kankrej, Sindhi and Dangi breeds, it’s exact genetic lineage is still an open mystery. Gir, having originated from the agricultural plains would have been part of the agrarian economy. Dairy not being an…


Kerala Horizontal well | Surangam are cave like well excavated in mountains

Surangam reservoir

Surangam (tunnel) is a horizontal cave or well excavated in the mountains with super-condensed soil or rocks. The excavation itself is a tedious endeavor undertaken by generally 2 people. One for excavating and the other one to transport the the debris out. No machines are used as until now. The whole project takes many years to complete. Water from the surangam is quite cool and pure as it is away…