Kerala Stingless Bee Honey (Cheruthen – Small bee Honey)

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Health Benefits of Stingless Bee Honey – Cheruthen:

  • Their honey is very thin because of high moisture content. It is sour most times because of the propolis and pollen from different herbs. This ferments the honey and is considered highly medicinal.
  • Because of the certain qualities the cherutheen (honey) is used for medical treatments and health Benefits in Ayurveda and home remedies.
  • High antimicrobial properties of the stingless bee honey is useful in treating certain diseases also helps build immunity hence it is little on the expensive side along with its scarcity.

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Stingless Bee Honey (Cheruthen):

Stingless bees is mostly seen throughout the parts of the world in the tropical parts. It is called as meliponines. They reside in cavities of rock, trees etc. Their colonies are made out of organic waste, propolis mixed with their wax and tree resin etc.

Their hives are very different from all the other large bees. So is their honey!

They collect honey from the smallest and the deepest flowers and tree resin as their size allows them to do so.

Their range of forage is extremely less, Hence the maximum honey produced is 200 grams per colony per year. They don’t exhaust the honey unlike other bees so after few years you may be able to get 1 to 2 kg of honey together.

They store honey in small pots which look like grape bunch made out of plant resin and wax.

About the product

  • It is untouched with Human Hands.
  • No additives or alteration are added to this Honey.
  • Unprocessed.

Storage care

  • Always keep airtight after use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place but with light.

Manufactured and processed by

  • Madhushree Bee Farm.


  • 100 gms

Usage instructions

  • Use as per requirement.

Additional information

Net Qty.

100, gms

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    1. Dear Ritesh,
      This is from the bee boxes that i rare. Not from wild. However sometimes i get wild ones which i harvest honey and move to boxes

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