Control Flies and other Pest using Cow Dung Cake Smoke

dried cow dung and burning coconut husk

With the advent of Monsoon, the ever so notorious flies throng in large numbers disturbing peace not just for us humans but also for Cattle. They don’t just fly around and spread filth; they bite and suck blood, acting as vectors; spreading diseases and lay eggs that turn to flesh eating maggots. Cattle have a distinct smell and flies get attracted to it. Three main attack prone areas are the…


Nonvenomous – Venomous Snakes and other Creatures found in Kerala

Common Wolf Snake in Kerala

Why do Indians worship snakes Actually we Indians do not worship snakes. Instead we respect snakes. Not just snakes we respect tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants, rivers, mountains, moon, sun, earth, plants and what not ?? God is omnipresent. So, here’s a little information on snakes that might be useful for people having regular encounters with these lovely yet feared creatures. Before starting with the information we just have to keep…


Identifying Snakes and other Poisonous Creatures of Kerala

Fully grown Hump nosed pit viper head is smaller than cashew-nut seed

continuation of Nonvenomous – Venomous Snakes and other Creatures found in Kerala Bronzeback tree snake in the below image known as mara pambu has a mild form of venom, Harmless to humans. * Hump Nosed Pit Viper / Hypnale hypnale / Churutta This snakes are only found in India and Srilanka. It is a very small snake. Mostly found in leaf litter. This snake is very slow and almost feels…


Some Interesting and Good to know Facts of Ants(Urumbu)

Nei Urumbu of kerala Carrying Eggs and Larvae- Spiny Harvester Ants

There are many things Ants can teach Humans. Provided you respect and understand them. Ants work a lot which directly or indirectly help humans in their farming and other activity. Humans would have learned the art of storing food for future consumption through ants, bees and other small creatures. Ants are the Best Indicators of Approaching Monsoon. When you see Spiny Harvester Ants(black with reddish shade – in Kerala it…