Should I buy a Indian Cow or a Modern High Milk yielding Dairy Cow

Kasaragod Dwarf average size udder

Before I start just wanted to share a understanding. most Indians are generally smaller than western people because of climatic condition(cooler climate makes things big).

  1. So it is believed many years back some cows migrated to western parts of world. So they may be good there. but in India they are useless and non sustainable.
  2. The diet of modern dairy cattle is high in protein from corn meal, fish meal, waste from slaughterhouses and other cheap cereals. Traditionally Indians feed cattle fresh grass and hay as their staple diet, just like zebra and other wild animals would eat in the wild. Grains and other high caloric diet is a supplement and too much is not good. This makes cows and bulls lethargic and they die soon because of diseases.
  3. Since 50’s modern dairy cows were genetically modified and made into huge milk and beef beast and you have no idea the kind of antibiotics and GROWTH HORMONES that are forced into these cows.
  4. To me modern dairy cows look abnormal, especially their udder. Males generally prefer females with average body parts and not six times bigger, they are not just ugly but difficult to maintain and cause severe health complications.
  5. So it is believed many years back some cows migrated to western parts of world. So they may be good there. but in India they are useless and non sustainable.

Are Modern Dairy Cows Really Profitable and Sustainable

Most countries are acquiring Indian cows’ genes to improve their cattle and we are using their discarded stuff.

This is just one of the examples of Indian cattle being used in US, Brazil and other major beef and Milk producing countries. It is a mixture of 3 Indian milch breeds. Gir, Kankrej and Ongole. All the above mentioned cows are best Milch(milking) breeds of India and are pretty huge in size. However they consume less compared to most modern dairy cows.

Gyr cows of Brazil are basically Gir cows from Gujarat, India; which are today used in many parts of world thanks to Brazilians marketing. India government was trying to import few gyr cows from Brazil but when you have something in-house why not develop it instead of acquiring it. Gyr produce 20 to 30 litres of Milk a day. This is all because they have dedicated good place for grazing and only good dedicated bulls are used. I also feel they have hybrid genes, because they produce 5 to 8 liters naturally in their home tract. On the other hand our policy makers are making way for IT parks and malls; destroying their natural habitats. idiots.

Texas Longhorn is know for its iconic long horns measuring upto 7 feet in length from tip to tip. Latest study reveals they have Indian cattle genes as well.

Fertility – Birth Cycle and Lactation Period

Indian Zebu cows are very fertile. They get easily pregnant and calving is cake walk for them. Believe me Indian cows give birth without any assistance and infant mortality rate is almost nil. Even for bigger breeds(gir, tharparkar, kankrej, ongole etc)calving is easy because calves at birth are very small. Where as western breed calf are generally bulky and bigger creating complication even to the mother cow(holstein friesian semen when used on a small jersey or on a hybrid cow normally creates this problem).

Because of this quality farmers have large herd or number of animals born in a few years that too without any hassle(no antibiotics or vet assistance is required). Where as hybrid or western breeds struggle and mortality is very high. Most of the time farmers are at loss because of this phenomena in long run.

Milk from Indian cows

Indian cows give less milk and their lactation stops after 3 months of getting conceived. Where as western breeds keep giving milk even when they are approaching next pregnancy. This makes them weak and even the new born calf suffer. So hybrid and western cows will normally give good milk for 2 or 3 birth cycle after which most of them are sent for slaughter.

But if you stop giving commercial cattle feed, milk production reduces even in hybrid cows. This is a clear evidence of  Oxytocin  or other hormone present in feed.

Where as Indian cows will give birth 10 to 15 calf in her life cycle. In this way they produce more milk than western cows.

Not just that their milk is of medicinal quality and fetches higher price.

You should avoid A1 Milk of Hybrid and modern western dairy cows. Read more here on
A1 or A2 milk

So why are Indian Cows Small in Size with Bone Sticking Out of Skin?

Coming to Indian cows. I believe you have not seen most Indian breeds. Google some Indian cattle breeds like Gir, Kankrej, Amrith mahal, Kangayam, Ongole, Tharparker, Deoni and you shall get a general idea of it’s size and health characteristics

Full grown Kankrej Bull
Kankrej Bull of Shree Ramachandrapura Math

Most Indian cows during feed scarcity can reverse down their metabolism.

They have the ability to convert inferior fodder into nourishing food using certain helpful bacteria. They can easily utilize crude protein.

Look at deer, zebra and other animals they just feed on grass and plain water. Cows are some what similar to them in looks and health. But it is the bad way we raise them. They are always tied to a tree or pole and not fed enough. Mainly because of habitat destruction. Healthy cows have large chest area and they would look similar to a horse and not with huge pot belly.

Ongole is one of the Finest remaining Cattle Breed of India.

Ongole is one such breed facing habitat destruction and Artificial Insemination has almost rendered this breed extinct. Same is the fate with other good Indian cows. To keep a Ongole bull you have to spend around 2000 rupees a day even in rural areas. Some dedicated souls are still doing it, but for how long???

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  1. Sir please suggest which will be better in long run say 10 years for dairy Pure Sahiwal, pure hf or hf x sahiwal hybrid or Gir in haryana, Sirsa district. Please give main reasons as I have to explain this to my sister also.


  2. I am planning to start cow dairy near to Ahmedabad. Intend to start with 100 cows and scale this to 250 in 3 years time. Need advise on breed of cow with highest producing capacity and source to buy these..

  3. Hi,

    We are looking at encouraging the domestic breeds of cows in Rayalaseema districts of Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur, Cuddapah and Kurnool. Considering the hot climate and the need to develop rural livelihoods, what can we consider for funding. I undertsand the pure breed may not ba available totally but we want to also go into breeding facilitation with help of local animal husbandry department.

    Please suggest. I will be happy to speak to you.

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