Should I buy a Indian Cow or a Modern High Milk yielding Dairy Cow

Are Modern Dairy Cows Really Profitable and Sustainable

Before I start just wanted to share a understanding. most Indians are generally smaller than western people because of climatic condition(cooler climate makes things big).

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  1. So it is believed many years back some cows migrated to western parts of world. So they may be good there. but in India they are useless and non sustainable.
  2. The diet of modern dairy cattle is high in protein from corn meal, fish meal, waste from slaughterhouses and other cheap cereals. Traditionally Indians feed cattle fresh grass and hay as their staple diet, just like zebra and other wild animals would eat in the wild. Grains and other high caloric diet is a supplement and too much is not good. This makes cows and bulls lethargic and they die soon because of diseases.
  3. Since 50’s modern dairy cows were genetically modified and made into huge milk and beef beast and you have no idea the kind of antibiotics and GROWTH HORMONES that are forced into these cows.
  4. To me modern dairy cows look abnormal, especially their udder. Males generally prefer females with average body parts and not six times bigger, they are not just ugly but difficult to maintain and cause severe health complications.

Most countries are acquiring Indian cows’ genes to improve their cattle and we are using their discarded stuff.

Brahman Cattle

This is just one of the examples of Indian cattle being used in US, Brazil and other major beef and Milk producing countries. It is a mixture of 3 Indian milch breeds. Gir, Kankrej and Ongole.  All the above mentioned cows are best Milch(milking) breeds of India and are pretty huge in size. However they consume less compared to most modern dairy cows.

Gyr –

Gyr cows of Brazil are basically Gir cows from Gujarat, India; which are today used in many parts of world thanks to Brazilians marketing. Narendra Modi was trying to import few gyr cows from Brazil but when you have something in-house why not develop it instead of acquiring it. Gyr produce 20 to 30 litres of Milk a day. This is all because they have dedicated good place for grazing and only good dedicated bulls are used. I also feel they have hybrid genes, because they produce 5 to 8 liters naturally in their home tract. On the other hand our policy makers are making way for IT parks and malls; destroying their natural habitats. idiots.

Texas Longhorn is know for its iconic long horns measuring upto 7 feet in length from tip to tip. Latest study reveals they have Indian cattle genes as well. Source

Fertility – Birth Cycle and Lactation Period

Indian Zebu cows are very fertile. They get easily pregnant and calving is cake walk for them. Believe me Indian cows give birth without any assistance and infant mortality rate is almost nil. Even for bigger breeds(gir, tharparkar, kankrej, ongole etc)calving is easy because calves at birth are very small. Where as western breed calf are generally bulky and bigger creating complication even to the mother cow(holstein friesian semen when used on a small jersey or on a hybrid cow normally creates this problem).

Because of this quality farmers have large herd or number of animals born in a few years that too without any hassle(no antibiotics or vet assistance is required). Where as hybrid or western breeds struggle and mortality is very high. Most of the time farmers are at loss because of this phenomena in long run.

Coming to Milk

Indian cows give less milk and their lactation stops after 3 months of getting conceived. Where as western breeds keep giving milk even when they are approaching next pregnancy. This makes them weak and even the new born calf suffer. So hybrid and western cows will normally give good milk for 2 or 3 birth cycle after which most of them are sent for slaughter.

But if you stop giving commercial cattle feed, milk production reduces even in hybrid cows. This is a clear evidence of  Oxytocin  or other hormone present in feed.

Where as Indian cows will give birth 10 to 15 calf in her life cycle. In this way they produce more milk than western cows.

Not just that their milk is of medicinal quality and fetches higher price.

You should avoid A1 Milk of Hybrid and modern western dairy cows. Read more here on
A1 or A2 milk

So why are Indian Cows Small in Size with Bone Sticking Out of Skin?

Coming to Indian cows. I believe you have not seen most Indian breeds. Google some of the below mentioned breeds. You will realize the size and their health.

Gir, Kankrej, Amrith mahal, Kangayam, Ongole, Tharparker, Deoni.

Full grown Kankrej Bull
Kankrej Bull of Shree Ramachandrapura Math

Most Indian cows during feed scarcity can reverse down their metabolism.

They have the ability to convert inferior fodder into nourishing food using certain helpful bacteria. They can easily utilize crude protein.

Look at deer, zebra and other animals they just feed on grass and plain water. Cows are some what similar to them in looks and health. But it is the bad way we raise them. They are always tied to a tree or pole and not fed enough. Mainly because of habitat destruction. Healthy cows have large chest area and they would look similar to a horse and not with huge pot belly.

Ongole is one of the Finest remaining Cattle Breed of India.

Ongole is one such breed facing habitat destruction and Artificial Insemination has almost rendered this breed extinct. Same is the fate with other good Indian cows. To keep a Ongole bull you have to spend around 2000 rupees a day even in rural areas. Some dedicated souls are still doing it, but for how long???

Good link on  Ongole breed  –  Wiki page

Image: I downloaded the image long time back from some site. I don’t remember it. If this image belongs to you or the person whom you know. please inform me.

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    1. Dear Hari,

      Keep up the great work.

      I have interacted with few people in higher position in animal husbandry and their attitude till date is sickening towards Indian cows.

      Problem is most don’t understand policy makers have mixed Milch, draught, dual purpose breeds as one and their milk production is stated low to cross breed or exotic breeds.

      But if you compare exotic and cross breeds to Indian Milch breeds they stand no where.(Not every HF cows produce 25 liters of milk a day – If the same facilities and breeding was done on Indian Milch breeds they would have fared well). I have seen few HF cows producing as little as 5 to 8 liters with average or small land holding farmers. Also some farmers milk getting rejected because it feels 50% of the milk is mixed with drinking plain water.

      Few people are interested in Gir cows in my area. Where did you acquire them I believe they are pure.

      1. This apathy towards Indian cow in Animal Husbandry is because they are all benefiting from Jersey cows. Jersey cows are unhealthy and fall sick easily which benefit the Vets & the Pharmacy Industry. These guys are obviously bribing them to promote Jersey cow… exactly like the companies making feeds like TMR bribe the Animal Husbandry Training Institutes to promote their feed as complete food instead of the grass that is freely available in the country… so much so that Today it is considered only those diary giving TMR is the ideal diary…lol.

        Jersey/HF is just like the Broiler chicken and Chemical Farming… invented by white man as a universal solution for all countries… is not sustainable.

  1. Great article and a beautiful blog. I am going to follow. How much these Gir cows cost? And, where can we get some?


    Thank you.

    pure gir generally cost some where between 20 to 30k for a heifer. Milking ones I am not sure, price will vary.
    Not easy to get a pure breed in Kerala. Coimbatore, Bangalore, and some other parts people do have them. But be ware there are some farmers who inseminate their hybrid, Jersey and HF cows with Gir or other native breeds. I have witnessed a gir cow with mastitis problem because she was born to a HF cow.

  2. Hello

    How can we get pure Gyr cow to US?

    Can we import from India?


    legally it is not possible. There are few breeders who have pure Gir cows. Look for Iskon temple or farms they should have Gir cows and bulls in the US.

    1. India should not allow the sale of its native cattle breed.
      These countries are using them for beef production.
      Why subject them to cruelty once more out of their homeland without local Indians who actually cared for them to monitor their safety?
      Moreover their diets are specific to the ecosystem they come from.
      You don’t take an Indian native breed cow and feed it corn. It won’t sustain its inherent immunity in the long term.
      Can we stop this viscous cycle of constantly catering to the west? The keep damaging the country and are abusing the Indian knowledge systems abroad!

      1. I completely agree with your comment. We should stop catering them and create home based system with out foreign money.

  3. As seen from several articles on Cow dung and Cow urine it was stated as Indian Cow dung and urine are GOOD. But on what respect it is GOOD has not been alienated.
    Are there any Lab results confirming the differences of Desi Cow and Jersey Cow. Kindly provide us the Full Details on the above aspects. If so kindly Provide us the Perspective details and Lab results if any available.


    Dear Satyanarayana,

    Doctors advice people to avoid Ghee and oil from their diet, because it causes cholesterol. However traditionally people consumed a lot of Ghee(even the rich fellows who didn’t do any physical work) and nothing went wrong. Ghee, curd, milk was all sort of staple diet of most Indians. There is some thing wrong now.

    It depends upon people if they need 1liter of good milk or 20 liters of white watery liquid so called milk.

    According to my knowledge and old practices, milk was not give too much of priority. farmers milked cows for their daily needs a little. Major stuff farmers needed was nothing other than DUNG for cultivating.

    Not very keen on the research papers of modern scientist because today they will say tooth paste is good for you and tomorrow it will be the other way around.

    Like that our soil is not getting back to its track only because dung lacks essential microbes which are not present in hybrid or western cows. All sorts of bad smell is released by bad bacteria or if they are in huge numbers. This is exactly why hybrid cows dung smell real bad, shit flies generally mess with their dung. So there is no good bacteria to support soil. On the other hand our Indian cow dung smells great and there is always small black ants on the dung which has wings, I have so far not seen them anywhere else apart from Indian cow dung.

    What I feel is you don’t have to be a scientist or high intellectual to say what is the difference between both dung. When you see both dung close by you will easily find the difference.

    Ask any traditional farmer or house hold wife’s who have dung flooring they will tell the difference.

    I will some time in future write more on both dungs in detail. Currently I don’t have any paper on Dung comparison. However I feel Nagpur Cow research university would have don’t some research.

    Palekarji’s tested himself on the microbial count of Desi Dung ( 50- 70 lakh microbes per gm in hybrid, whereas it is 3-5 crore /gm for the Desi breed.)

    You may want to check the differnce between Hybrid and Zebu Cattle Urine.

  4. dear sir , i want to start the dairy farm so i need the information regarding the high yield milk cows in india, i am from vijayawada , andhra pradesh

    Dear Bala Rajarao,

    I don’t own a Dairy and I don’t like the idea of dairy farm.
    Please visit Dairy section

  5. hello everyone !!

    i am chandan want to start dairy business i read many articles on gir cows ….i have a estimate to keep 10 gir in starting . so can you please help me out about the current price and availability does not matter in any state. what is average milk production of this cow. if possible please send detail to me on i’ll be very thankful to you

  6. Sir,
    From where can i buy Gyr cows in india?
    pls reply

    I don’t think I can help you with pure Gir cows. A little difficult and expensive.
    Btw please mention your location, Anyways send you a PM.

    1. We have Dairy Farm with Gir Cows. So, If you want to buy good gir cows or heifers you, may contact Mr. Harsh(Gaukulam Gir Gaushala) at +91-97372 15372

      1. Gir cow ek Dinme kitna milk deti hai
        Ek cow ka kya kimat hai


        Depends how much you feed and climatic condition.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I am a teacher and am eagerly looking to buy one or two cows, preferably small size cows like Vechur and Kapila. Where will I get such cows? What is its normal price?

    Where are you based?
    Send you a PM.

  8. Sir,
    We have 2 acres land in coorg I am planning for a dairy farm which breed of cow is suitable, pls guide me.


    Dear Soni,

    If Milk is the target then best option would be Jersey cows or any local hybrid cows which have good immunity. However milk milk and milk is the only option then go for HF cows.

    I am not into dairying. but check with experienced folks for most it is loss making stuff. Think twice before you get into it.

    If you have good people to support you and the expertise only then. There are hundereds of people waiting to snatch money by hook or by crook.

  9. I request ALL Nationalist Hindus to help, open, support GauShalas (Cow-sheds) at your places that will give protection to Indian breed Cows …

    Please buy milk from those GauShalas as that will help them with sustainability issues as well.

    Please put pressure on local administration as well as create awareness in your locality on preserving our cows.

    Please educate and sensitize the younger generation Hindus, especially the children on this issue.

  10. I am based in Vaikam,Kottayam (Dist.),Kerala.I wish to raise one or two pure Indian breed cow(and one bull) at home which even women in the house can take care of in my absence.Please suggest breed name,cost and from where I can buy them.

    Dear Rajeev,

    There is hardly any option in Kerala. All the native breeds of cattle are destroyed, Ones that are left are not completely pure. BTW you are from Vaikam “vechur dwarf cows” land. Why don’t get hold of a vechur???

    Are you looking for just milk. I am assuming you are not into full time farming?

    unlike cows bulls are a different league. If not managed properly and taken care they can become a nuisance and even charge(learn more about bulls and only then get into keeping stud bulls).

  11. Where can I purchase good gir cows for my farm?
    What will be its price?
    What will be its daily cost on food?
    How much milk should be expected from a good gir cow in a day?
    I have farm in bihar. Pls inform.


    please check locally.

  12. hii sir,
    i am planning to open a dairy in chhattisgarh. can you help me by telling me the breeds which can adjust with the temprature here.. its really hot here…. and also the breeds which ytireld more milk..
    sir you can mail me all the details or either cntact me on 09916522719, i will b previlaged on reciveing your help

  13. No dought indian cows shoud be used high milk yielding cows will give u huge milk along with huge diseases..which will act as slow poison and distroy your don’t look at short term health is real wealth

  14. hi sir,i am mukesh rajpurohit from rajasthan
    i am planning to open a dairy in rajasthan. can you help me by telling me the breeds which can adjust with the temprature here.. its really hot here…. and also the breeds which cow give more milk..
    sir you can mail me all the details or either cntact me on +91-9829706017, i will b previlaged on reciveing your help

  15. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to set up a cattle farm in Odisha with Holstein Friesian cross breed cows. I have few queries, as i am new to this industry.. Please guide me

    1. What would be the cost for one Holstein Friesian cross breed in India, as I am looking an average 20-25 liters everyday from a cow ….
    2. Where I can get these breed in India ?
    3. Whether this breed is fit for Odisha ?
    4. What would be the average daily expense for a single cow ?

    My place is very hot in summer it will go up to 45degree to 47degreee in summer.

    Cow Breed Name and Type:
    Avg. Life:
    About Gestation Period:
    Avg. Price:
    Milk (Ltr/day):
    Fat in 1 Ltr Milk:
    Dung (KG/day):
    Urine (Ltr/day):
    Food Intake type name(KG/day):
    Concentrate Cake:

    Vishal Goel

  16. dear sir, i have two pure south Indian pulikulamm bulls i am interested only in pure indian breeds and respect it. i want the kankrej bulls for breeding in tamilnadu can anyone give details its price and where it can be got

  17. Hi,
    Am getting into agriculture (still in initial stage). I like to have couple of traditional indian cows (nattu madu) and 6 to 7 goats for my farming need. My primary need is cow dung and urine, I want to leave the milk for the calf. suggest me couple of good options. Am from tamil nadu (close to chennai). If I can get the mentioned cows from andra or karnataka or kerala also am fine. My need is a small or medium sized calf not a full grown cow, as I like to growth them myself. I dont have any idea on the price as I have just started collecting data on this.

    Suggest me with good options and if possible with contacts (if you have some).
    I assure I will definetly disturb you with more questions in very near future too, as am in very intial state. hope you dont mind disturbing.

  18. In Telangana, there is a proverb saying ’Dogs barked six months after theft in the house, similarly our highest vet, officials @policy makers are not yet realizing truth about the merits of our Desi cows for the sake of the country’s interest. Cows rearing in India are not new. Vedas, great Rishis emphasised the values of cows. From the Indian history we can learn that in that time the Kings also used to rear large no, of cows. Since then genetic purity neglected due to various reasons in the country. Always feel why our country is lagging behind, when countries like, Brazil, USA, Australia &even Malaysia progressing in this field & Brazil particularly earning enormous amounts by utilizing cows.

  19. I am a Krishna devotee reading daily Bhagavadgeeta and Bhagavath. Recently retired from bank. I want to set up a dairy farm nearby Bobbili i.e. in my ancestral native place and would like to do go-seva. Please suggest me how best I can do and be useful to the native cows and to the society.

    1. I strongly suggest you research websites that are more credible than this. Something that is supported with statistical analysis. There has been extensive research done on indian breeds (if you’re keen on that) in brazil and the us (brahman crossbreed) .
      Jerseys adapt well to indian conditions. And give the highest amount of milk, when accounting for feed ratio, size.
      But if you’re absolutely insistent on indian breeds- look into sahiwals.
      But research your breed beforehand. And read articles that are backed up with solid research.


      Dear Mr. Menon,

      You are correct this website doesn’t have any stats. This site is not about canvassing or popularizing any breeds or teams. I share my experiences and some old practices prevalent until few years back.

      People who agree and understand can accept and try their own ways. Others can reject.

      I agree that Jerseys do ok in indian climate, if you read my comment i do recommend people if they are looking to run a proper dairy.

      I have not mentioned about sahiwal because this topic is not completely bout milking. This article is for a general understanding.

  20. Dear All,
    The original Kankrej breed cows available at its native Kankrej taluka (Thara) of Banaskantha district of Gujarat.
    Gir breed also available in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat.

  21. I’m interested in dairy farming at kurnool distrist in andhra pradesh please give your contact number this is my number 8801686528

  22. Dear All,

    Myself kanti, i am from Gurgaon District from Haryana, and running fully desi indian breed sahiwal and rathi cow dairy farm in Gurgaon. this article is very good and very accurate about the things which author mention in blog.

    regarding any kind of info contact me on mail and what’apps only 09250017007

  23. Hi , I am planning to have a dairy in Odisha, and planning to keep in 2 acre, and have 0 knowledge on this field,
    Could some one please guide me what are the basic things required for to start this business.

    My mail id is – and 8297009393

  24. Hi , everyone

    I am working in pvt sector for last 16 yrs and drawing salary of 50 thousand and want to be selfemployed , I have small land of 7500 sq ft and plan to keep 2 cows initially I cannot invest much. I need advice how to go about it which cows should I buy , these days I am purchasing milk for my home from a dairy where they get milk from their own farm and charge 60 rs for cow milk and 70 rs for buffullo milk as compared to 40 rs per litre in packed from corporates companies
    my contact No 08411024106 Nagpur Maharashtra

  25. Can anybody help me out to choose milching breed. I am in dilemma which breed to choose. Sahiwal or Gyr. I am from Andhra Padeswood, vizianagaram district.

  26. Sir,
    I am living in Jaipur (Rajasthan) ,I want to start the business of Diary form ,Please advise me where from I will get the god quality of Cow and Buffallow, and how to increase the quantity of milk, I mean what type of food we have to give to the Cow .Please advice me.

  27. i want to start a dairy farm with 20 cows and 10 buffalos
    need cost for gir cows
    and suggest buffalo for farm
    how much land will be required for the same
    total cost for starting this activity?
    request for same
    want to start in nashik (maharashtra)

  28. Hi to all,

    I am basically from karnataka, gulbarga is native place. I am thinking to start a 20 no’s of cow farm. So just i need how much investment is required to start & I have my own 7 acre land. Please give me information about which breed I have to choose.

  29. Dear Kantijee,
    As you have experience in Dairy, let me suggest from where I can get Sahiwal,Gir or Rathi cows and at what
    price? I am planning to start a dairy farm with Indian breed only near Bhubaneshwar.

  30. Hi, im from Telangana Warangal planning to set commercial dairy with indigenous cows like Sahiwal n Gir. May I know Can v run commercial dairy with this or not? Wat was the milk production of Sahiwal n Gir cows after their delivery n how many days it’s peak milk yield?plz share ur valuable information on my mail:
    Wats app 8886177771.

  31. I want start the dairy with GIR breed cows I am from KARNATAKA .my native place temp is very high 45-47 degrees KIDLY HELP ME for my questions as mentioned below
    Avg. Life:
    About Gestation Period:
    Avg. Price:
    Milk (Ltr/day):
    Fat in 1 Ltr Milk:
    Dung (KG/day):
    Urine (Ltr/day):
    Food Intake type name(KG/day):
    Concentrate Cake:

    email id
    my WhatsApp no is 9060441443

  32. I have indian breed ( local desi ) cow & it is of 24 months she has delivered 2 calf one at age of 13 months & other recently , their is no problem in our breed if we will feed them as our sources of income they may give us milk till 7 ltr , only we have to look on their feed , a desi cow should give enough time to ( re-chew their meal ) in our language it’s called ( raventh ) sure they will give good qty of milk, & it is a good sign of their health

  33. Hi everyone I am a resident of andaman, I am an engineering student jobless for 5years, I have a plan to start a dairy farming business for my earning, I think this business has good returns, I would like to know the various aspects of a dairy farming, I have got 2 acres hilly land, how big should I build the stay for the cows, and what time to breed, the feed type that is to be given for more milk, the value added products that can be prepared from it. I need all its details and moreover I would like to know the price of Holstein-Friesian cattle & Jersey cattle.
    Kindly contact me:
    Watsapp: 9531867605 mobile : 9679557266

  34. Hi We have nearly 20 acrs land in Shanivarasanthe (20km from Hassan dist., Karnataka) with 2 borewells. Any one interested in investing in Dairy farming & cultivate of Papper etc. Please contact me. Santhosh whatsapp no., 7760319145

  35. Hi there! Wonderful write up.

    I had a question by a friend (from US) who was wondering how the cow population in India is not out of control. Second question he asked is how a farmer can deal with male (ox) calves. Are male calves killed?
    I am completely not a cow person, not even a farmer, and so I could not answer. Kindly enlighten.
    Thank you for your website and your answers!!

    1. Because cows main diet is not soya beans or corn. Its staple is grass which is burned in many part of India, I mean big volumes.

      So its never going to eat away the economy if we follow old ways of rearing. not everything that we do nowadays is sustainable and correct.

      Not easy as bulls are very difficult for individual farmer to rare. Unless he has huge patch of land and people to assist. Sorry to say almost all are killed sooner or later.

  36. Hi I am going to start my own dairy farming business in Uttar Pradesh with 10 Sahiwal cows, as I am fresher in this business so Please suggest me is it profitable starting with Sahiwal cow or not.

    Pease suggest me on My contact No. 9599758527 or on my email id as I am confused.

    Thank you,
    Mallikarjun Tiwari

  37. Hi,

    We are looking at encouraging the domestic breeds of cows in Rayalaseema districts of Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur, Cuddapah and Kurnool. Considering the hot climate and the need to develop rural livelihoods, what can we consider for funding. I undertsand the pure breed may not ba available totally but we want to also go into breeding facilitation with help of local animal husbandry department.

    Please suggest. I will be happy to speak to you.

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