Why are Nursery Grown Plants and Trees Unhealthy?

Spiral root growth in grow bags

Have you ever wondered why plants planted and nurtured on their own are healthy and yield well without pest attack and other problems?

First let’s understand why nature-grown trees are healthier and yield well and live much longer.

Nature-grown trees will have abundant green foliage and fruits. This can be witnessed in forests as well as naturally grown plants from seeds coupled with a few other factors.

Healthy Plants will have Robust Root System

Seeds before germination break-open the hard shell, they require a minuscule hole to penetrate and squirm it open.

So when a seed germinates in the open, the primary root travels down fast and anchors the plant well. It then draws capillary water and roots develop well. This trait is missing in human-grown plants.

If the same seeds are kept in nursery or poly bags; which are at best 6inches in length, the roots just run in circles once they hit the surface. Roots tangle which leads to poor growth and low resistance to pest and other biological stress. This is one of the main reasons why nursery plants are unhealthy and don’t withstand the natural elements in the long run. You have to artificially feed and sustain them unlike their natural counter parts.

Spiral root growth in grow bags
Nursery Poly-bag Plant Roots Grow in Spirals

Most will disagree with me on this topic, because for many people this is a good source of income.

Large trees are planted in Pits and covered with Soil

Then why do some elder people plant trees in pits and cover them up gradually over the coming years.

Many of the big trees that grow naturally big without much support of the other trees in their surroundings will have buttress. They are like anchors for the trees.

In Kerala coconut trees are generally planted in a small pit which is 2 feet by depth, width and length. The reason is coconut being a costal plant. It naturally tends to arch and bend if there are heavy winds. However when you are planting them on farm lands with other coconut tree and wild trees if this happens then there will be loss of production as there will be less sunlight harvested by the crown and ultimately the tree with perish.

Benefits of Planting Trees in Pits:

  • This action also helps the coconut tree to anchor it well. As you keep adding more soil over it naturally over a period of time.
  • Inside the pit there will always be moisture compared to the surface, as heat waves travel above.
  • It also allows you to keep adding biomass and cover the pit gradually so new roots keep emerging.
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