Dear readers. An update

It has been more than a year since I posted anything here.

Lot of comments and mails remain unanswered and abandoned.
Apologies to all. I was going through a rough time. I had to stop all my activities and start working for an agro processing unit in Ooty. Then I met with a major accident from which I have recovered quite well as of now.

I am back in Kerala, and will be beginning my activities again, however this time only with one cow. Looking for a good life time partner as well 😛

Also to sustain life it is pretty difficult with farm activities and other complications which marginal and small land holding farmers go through. I have decided to start sales of some neighbourhood (authentic Kerala) products online.
So stay tuned for new information on this. I will surely need your help in spreading the word.

Un-certified organic produce by “backyard farmers”

All the products will be sourced and processed from backyard farmers, organic (non-certified) and tribals.
It will not be organic certified. However you can be rest assured that it will be from the share of what people grow for themselves, or in organic & natural way.

This is just a step in improving and encouraging small farmers(female members in the family) which still is foundation of any healthy family.

6 Replies to “Dear readers. An update”

  1. Dear mr anoop
    I’m glad you are back
    Can’t wait to see more interesting posts on this wonderful blog



  2. dear friend
    nice to hear from you after a long time. as soon as you venture into marketing, please do let me know so that i can also help by procuring as well as introducing your products to a few organic stores which i know personally. good luck in all your endeavours.


    Sure Mr. Giri
    Thank you.

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