Dear Readers

It has been more than a year since I have posted anything on this blog.

Lot of comments and mails remain unanswered and abandoned.
Apologies for all the above. I was going through rough time. I had to stop all my activities and start working for an Agro processing unit in Ooty. Then I met with a major accident from which I have recovered quite well as of now.

I am back in Kerala, and will be beginning my activities again, however this time only with one cow. Looking for a good life time partner as well 😛

Also to sustain life it is pretty difficult with farm activities and other complications which marginal and small land holding farmers go through. I have decided to start sales of some neighborhood (authentic Kerala) products online.
So stay tuned for new information on this. I will surely need your help in spreading the word.

Non-Certified Organic Produce by Backyard Farmers

All the products will be sourced and processed from backyard farmers, organic (non-certified) and tribal’s.
It will not be organic certified. However you can be rest assured that it will be from the share of what people grow for themselves, or in organic & natural way.

This is just a step in improving and encouraging small farmers(female members in the family) which still is foundation of any healthy family.

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  1. Dear mr anoop
    I’m glad you are back
    Can’t wait to see more interesting posts on this wonderful blog



  2. dear friend
    nice to hear from you after a long time. as soon as you venture into marketing, please do let me know so that i can also help by procuring as well as introducing your products to a few organic stores which i know personally. good luck in all your endeavours.


    Sure Mr. Giri
    Thank you.

  3. Glad to see that you are back and good luck with your search for a “good life time partner”!
    I first registered for the newsletter because I planned to cultivate bird’s eye chillies( Kanthari) I am still keen on starting a small farm with a selection of products such as bird’s eye chillies to start with.
    Interested in helping with advice?


    Thanks. send you a PM.

  4. There is a aura of uncertainty with uncertified organic products. Many non-organic agricultural products are being passed on as organic. This is true for milk, vegetables, spices and fruits. How can one trust that products marketed are organic in the absence of certificate regime and compliance to parameters.

    Why do you hesitate from certification? Please obtain organic certification so that market confidence is boosted.


    Dr Basant,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have seen lot of organically certified farms and the so called firms that control it.
    Certified organic is a fad which will disappear in a few years. However clean food will always be there.
    Copper sulphate is an organic compound which is allowed to use as per USDA organic list. However high doses cause kidney failure.

    Many people use chemically treated and Hybrid seeds, even in certified organic farms.
    There are many other organic chemicals and other loop holes.

    People eating organic now and in future will suffer from disease and also die just like general crowd, which will reduce the popularity in long run.

    Quality will speak for the products that I will supply.

  5. All the best Anoop. Glad that you are back again. And don’t forget to invite for the wedding


    🙂 sure. thanks man

  6. Hello Sir,

    We are very inspired by your work. Keep up the good work.

    We have mailed with some queries. Please have a look. We would like to know more about your work.

  7. Anoop you are living the life i dream of living. Don’t give up. No matter what. You might not realise it but you have already succeeded. I am 46 years old and still don’t have the courage to take the plunge. You’ve done it at 28. I envy you. God bless.



    Thank you. Robby.

  8. Hi Anoop,
    Great to hear about your work and passion ! Remember me ? Yes, we went to Elephanta together. It will be nice to meet you and visit your farm.
    Yours Nature-Ally,
    Ramanand Kowta

    Hey how can I forget.
    send you PM.

  9. Hello Anoop
    Your blog is really informative. Didn’t know you had a blog? Have subscribed to it.
    All the best to your venture. I think we have interacted through my blog.


    Hello Hiren.

    Thank you. Yes I do remember.

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