Chandran Vaidyar Kerala’s one of last few remaining Traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyar

When I moved to Kerala I had only a vague idea about Ayurvedic medicine and its ways of treatment. It was Valsan Kolleri, a craftsman by trade, who led me to an ayurvedic shop in the sleepy town of Pattiam. Valsan was looking for an arishtam that would ease digestion as well as cleanse bowel. “Try this triphala. I made it.”, the clarity of that utterance is still clear in my mind. We were in the clinic of Chandran vaidyar and it was he who had made that declaration. Its only then I observed that the antique wooden shelves of his rustic “clinic” did not display a single bottle labeled by some Ayurvedic Pharma Co.

Kerala’s Traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyars

Chandran Vaidyar is one of the dwindling breed of Kerala’s traditional vaidyars. I seriously doubt if there is any one like him at least in my district, if not the rest of Kerala. He sources all the raw materials locally and concocts the elixir in his shop, but chiefly at his home. It surprised me to know that he gets most of the herbs fresh and then processes them in time honored traditions. His personal touch and supervision is the key to the quality of his medicines.


Vaidyar’s father, Shri. N. K. Achuthan Vaidyar was a Arya Vaidyan. Chandran Vaidyar acquired his knowledge from his father and under the tutelages of two other learned healers; contemporaries of his father. His collection of granthams (ancient texts) is his teacher now. N.K Achutan Vaidyar passed away in the year 1991. Chandran Vaidyar has been managing the “clinic” ever since. He uses his home as the laboratory because his inheritance allowed it and his dedication preserved it. Pattiam market has changed much in the past 65 years but one glance at the store and you would find it hard to believe that it has not upgraded anything. It was never needed I suppose.

After our first acquaintance, I found myself meeting him frequently. Sometimes for his medical opinion and other times for life experience. It also so happened that my health demanded some special attention during that time. A niggling back ache and an improperly healing ankle injury from a few months back were concerning. It was during those visits that I learned that he was a passionate cow keeper as well. It shouldn’t have surprised me since ghee from the purest breed of cow is an essential ingredient in many a ayurvedic medicine. They have been keeping cows ever since he could recollect, he mentioned during one of our meetings. Presently he keeps two cows and he uses most of the ghee in his medicines.

His guidance on cow care is from practical first hand experience. Over the years he has also learned how to treat common ailments in cows and has developed and shared some of those medicines whenever I needed.

Authentic Ayurvedic Medicine & Treatments

In the opinion of Chandran Vaidyar, ayurvedic medicine should not be looked upon as simple or just an alternative to other systems. Ayurveda revolves on vatham, pitham and kapha; combinedly known as tridosha. All living and non-living things are composed of five basic elements which are water, fire, sky, air and earth. As per ayurveda, vatham denotes sky and air, pitham denotes fire (sun) and kapham denotes earth and water. It is the duty of a vaidyan to find out which of the doshas is imbalanced and treat it. That along with rest and a healthy lifestyle is all that is needed to recover.

Traditional ayurvedic methods are effective in curing mental diseases, skin disorders, gastric even degenerative diseases and much more. In his opinion, a vaidyan, before deciding on a treatment for anybody should first study that person’s constitution and environment. He should then treat the cause for the disease. This is why over the counter treatment is impossible in traditional ayurvedic practice.

What sets him apart from others is the quality of his ingredients and his unwavering dedication towards the traditional methods and tools. Traditionally, dried whole herbs were dispensed to patients depending on their body composition and overall health. Patients would then be required to formulate the medicine as per the vaidyar’s instructions. Only specific complex medicines were prepared by vaidyars. Thus, knowledge was always dispensed freely.

Medicine herbs in a ayurvedic shop in kerala
Dried Medicinal Herbs

Nowadays most ayurvedic medicine available in pharmacy shops contains sodium benzoate(SB discourages fermentation process in foods) as a preservative.

Vaidyar gets a constant supply of herbs from adjacent forests. Most parts of Kerala are ever green. Herbs are easily available from forests but not in bulk quantity. They have been procuring thus over the past 65 years. How he has managed to retain the skilled pickers needed for this tiresome job in todays day and age is something of a mystery.

He specializes in making authentic ayurvedic medicine for wide variety of diseases and specializes in tailams and chyawanprash. One just has to taste his chyawanprash to realize this. You would not doubt its authenticity even if it were the first time tasting any chyawanprash.

Boiling Medicated oil - Kuzhambu
Boiling Medicated Oil – Kuzhambu

Holistic Herbs and Diet for a Healthy Life

Chyawanprash used to be an essential part of most children’s diet in India. It was as insisted on by parents as was milk. Pharma companies, realizing the huge potential in this market, raced against each other to create their unique brands. Each claimed superiority of their ingredients and their unique know how. Pharmacies, readily stocked these, just like Bournvita, Boost and Horlicks. Over time, due to changing habits and perhaps due the the changing quality of chyawanprash, one does not see the same fervor in their marketing and sales. Parents too have lost their zeal.

Chandran vaidyar’s chyawanprash is quite unique indeed. It has the consistency of molten lava. It is effective as a palate cleanser. Regular consumption has a noticeable effect on one’s appetite. One’s metabolism improves. Urine produced is noticeably sparkling and devoid of any impurities. It balances the production of hormones. These are all some of my first hand experience from consuming it over the past few months.


He also makes certain rare medicine on request but rarely without explicit demands made of the patient in adhering to his instructions.

Vaidyar firmly believes in producing medicines in small batches. It has been so since his father’s time. Because they have fixed number of vessel that vaidyar alone can manage and are sealed in ground from all the sides. No short cuts are used, all the herbs are bought fresh, processed, mixed and cooked if necessary. Even the curing time of medicine are as per the granthams. He uses certain herbs and a traditional technique to clean the fixed vessel because it cannot be take out of it’s earthen mould or there is no outlet at the bottom. Some vessel are so large that 3 to 4 adults can be easily sealed within.

Vaidyar displaying sealed earthen ware in the ground
Vaidyar isplaying sealed earthen ware in the ground

Medicine left for curing in mud vessel
Medicine in earthernware left for curing
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  1. I’d like to consult with this vaidyan, next time i visit kerala. Can you give me directions to his shop/ house? Thank you.

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    1. Could you please give me the address and phone number of Chandran vaidyar?


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  2. Dear Anoop, Thanks for sharing infos. about such a great ayurvedic practitioner. Please send his contact details, so that I can take my mom, who is suffering with neck pain. rgds. sanjith.

  3. Hi, Could you please send me the contact and phone details of the vaidyar? I would like to visit him for consultation. Thank you for your help and info.

  4. An amazing vaidyan with amazing knowledge.I searched this part of kannur to finally discover this doctor who was able to treat the problem i reported to him with. Please be informed that all the medicine he prescribes is handmade by him and his family in a village a few km away..You could be assured of any cure for any ailment..Do post a reply if you do require any information more.

    1. I have acute liver problem and would like to consult Chandran Vaidyar, I would be grateful if you would send me his contact details including address, ph. nos. and email id if there is one. Thank you very much.

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  5. hi, i see that the last posts are almost a year old. june 2014
    Are you still continuing what you started 2-3yrs ago?


    Dear Jessy,

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    I met with a major accident. I have slowly started back with activities. My cows are with my relatives till now.

    I may get one cow in a few months. I am also planing to launch some products of mine. Selling online.

    Also need to get a good life partner. need some one understanding to lead the kind of slow and peace-full life. Lets hope for the best.

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  6. Dear Sir,
    Please give me the address of Chandran Vaidyar Sir, it would be highly helpful as we a set of people are running an organisation called Dr G R Memorial Trust operating from parts of Tamilnadu and Kerala under which we encourage traditional curative practices.
    Yours sincerely
    K Vivek Prasad
    Managing Trustee
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    mailed you details

  7. Feeling elated Mr. anoop,

    Though i am new to ayurveda, but wanted to consult vaidyar once in my lifetime. Could you please share the contact details?

  8. Hi ,Thanks for highlighting information ,

    Nice to hear such generous and authentic ayurvedic doctors prevail. Kindly share the contacts and address of Chandran vaidyar.

    Are you currently practicing natural farming very specific on ZBF. I would like to hear more on sucess and best practice followed.


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  10. Thankyou for article, if possible could I also have Chandukutty Vaidyar’s contact details. I heard of him through a yoga teacher and when googling came across your article.

    1. Dear Dael,

      Are you taking about Kalladaparambil Chanthukutty Vaidyar, 102, of Balusseri in Kozhikode.

      He happens to be a expert snake bite healer. Traditional toxicologist. Still treating people at this ripe age.

  11. Thanks for such a wonderful informative article. Can you please share doctors contact no. and address.

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    i have read your blog about chandran vaidyar. can u please let me know the full sddress of vaidyar with phone no as my mother is suffering from paralysis. i want to discuss m mother condition with him. I am from Gurgaon Haryana. can u please share the details of chandran vaidyar.

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  18. The sorry state of affairs is that nowadays traditional healers are slowly disappearing and modern medicine will ensure that that you are a slave to their medicine with no cure but only symptoms subside medicines are available.

  19. I suffer from Diabetes and blood pressure. I have also been advised that there’s a stone in my kidneys.
    I need to consult the Vaidyar, please inform me his address. Also advise whether I need to take an appointment well in advance as I would be travelling for about 48 hrs by train to reach Kerala (I assume the Vaidyar is in Kerala)..

  20. Hi,
    Very interesting blog. Really heartwarming to know about Chandran Vaidyar and his ways to keep Ayurveda at its traditional best. Kindly share his contact details. Thanks in advance.

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