Transplanting a queen bee to a “qeen-less” colony.

A honey bee colony is an immensely complex structure geometrically, architecturally as well as socially. The social order within the colony is strict and it’s health is determined by the queen bee. A hive without a queen is as good as lost. Unfortunately, many a hives loose a queen for various reasons. Bees tend to abandon the hive and move on causing significant loss in time, effort and potential loss of honey production to an apiculturist. This simple contraption can be used to transplant a queen cell from another hive, where it may be redundant, to a colony without queen, thus saving and reviving it’s workforce.

  • Honey comb showing queen and worker bee cells
  • Parts of the modular queen bee transplanting cage
  • Placing the queen bee cell into the module
  • Worker Bee seen entering the queen bee cell's module
  • Worker bee servicing the queen bee cell in the module
  • Queen bee, still in it's module, transplanted into a new hive
  • Queen bee, still in it's module, transplanted into a new hive
  • Module after the queen bee has been transplanted

This queen bee cage is an invention of Shri P T Thambi of Madhushree Bee Farm, Alakode, Kannur.

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