Why you should not buy a Gir cow

Gir cow features highlighted

The Gir breed of cattle is amongst the most well known breeds attributed to India. It is known to have been bred for its milk production. Although there are some suggestions that it was bred out of kankrej, Sindhi and Dangi breeds, it’s exact genetic lineage is still an open mystery. Gir, having originated from the agricultural plains would have been part of the agrarian economy. Dairy not being an…


Dear Readers

It has been more than a year since I have posted anything on this blog. Lot of comments and mails remain unanswered and abandoned. Apologies for all the above. I was going through rough time. I had to stop all my activities and start working for an Agro processing unit in Ooty. Then I met with a major accident from which I have recovered quite well as of now. I…