Kerala Horizontal well | Surangam are cave like well excavated in mountains

Surangam reservoir

Surangam (tunnel) is a horizontal cave or well excavated in the mountains with super-condensed soil or rocks. The excavation itself is a tedious endeavor undertaken by generally 2 people. One for excavating and the other one to transport the the debris out. No machines are used as until now. The whole project takes many years to complete. Water from the surangam is quite cool and pure as it is away…


Mystery of the disappearing fish?

Once upon a time Kerala was blessed with lots of fresh water fishes. I mean just 20 years back there were numerous fishes in ponds, lakes, canals and rivers. I have witnessed Almost all the species have gone missing or are on the verge of extinction. There were some migratory fishes too that are also very rarely seen nowadays. Freshwater Fishes and Aquatic life Disappearing Let’s check some of the…


Astrological prediction of monsoon in Kerala

Disclaimer: Source and guidance for this article are a local astrologers. This year(2013) it is raining heavy. It is oeta (single) para in Malayalam. There are 10 para of rains altogether in each year as per old scriptures. Each year 1, 2, 3 or 4 para falls on land, mountain or ocean. Suppose land receives more than 4 para, this is when severe flooding happens (pralayam in Malayalam). This process…