Astrological prediction of monsoon in Kerala

Disclaimer: Source and guidance for this article are a local astrologers.

This year(2013) it is raining heavy. It is oeta (single) para in Malayalam. There are 10 para of rains altogether in each year as per old scriptures. Each year 1, 2, 3 or 4 para falls on land, mountain or ocean. Suppose land receives more than 4 para, this is when severe flooding happens (pralayam in Malayalam). This process of 10 para of rain has been the same since many years, from the start of Kali yuga. In some years the rain is less on land, in that case rest of the rain goes to ocean and mountains.

Ants moving eggs to a higher location is a sign of rains, If you see ants carrying eggs expect rains in two days.

Do trees have the ability to call rains

Kerala almost every year gets decent rains even today. Not just Kerala all the region falling under western ghats and its low-lying areas. But off late rains have reduced. 2 to 3 decades back Kerala received proper 6 months of rain and 6 months of sunlight. May be because Kerala has lost many huge wild trees and other parts of the world like Rajasthan, Dubai and other deserted areas receiving rains(There has been many trees planted in the above mentioned places since last few years).

Water table has not been effected in Kerala. Every year during the rainy season water rises every where and after the monsoon has gone, slowly the water table reaches the bottom. However in other part of India, each year bore wells has to dig a few more meters deep to get water. Farmers using bore well water is a very wrong approach. Because water stored underground is in a very protect layer of soil and rocks. If you indiscriminately use ground water it is going to create other complication in earth cycle. No matter ho much mulch you add water evaporates from the top layer if sunlight is not blocked by huge tree canopy.

I feel government and other agencies are minting cash in the name of climate change. I agree there is change in climate. But even before cars and other modern amenities were available there were severe climate changes and droughts.
Idea is to predict and work according to the climate for the particular year.

Universe takes what it needs to settle the imbalance when ever needed. Doomsday and other theories on end of the world can be fake. life keeps going on. One form of energy gets converted into another.

There is a saying in Malayalam “pettil et puti alum kadikan kandu kadiku” Well shut house can host any poisonous creatures and bite you”- No matter how you try to protect a person, he would be killed or die naturally if his time on earth is over, its part of earth cycle.

By the way, prediction are just to give you an idea of future (foresee and get idea of results) and work accordingly. It may not be the final answer.

Now lets understand what 1 para is. 72cm is 1 kole(Traditional carpenters in Kerala use this ruler). Now 4 kole is 1 danam. 800 danam is 1 yojana. Now 1 para is 10 yojana in breadth and 100 yojana in length. This is the amount of rain when 1 para is predicted on vishu day as per astrologers. Having said this, there are few more calculations to consider like sun and other planetary position to understand before predicating rains. If it was easy, you and me could have done it.

This year along with heavy rains; powerful winds are also expected(Crows build their nest on lower branches of trees instead of building it higher up in the canopy, if they predict high speed winds). Vedic astrologers can also predict with some calculation. This year along with rains vayu(air) mandal has come up. Some time it is Agni(fire) Mandal when more thunder storms are expected. So this year less thunder will take place.

This year’s monsoon was predicted long back in april of 2013 on Vishu day. This is when the new year starts in Kerala, Medam masam or popularly know as Malayalam kollavarsham.

Kerala Traditional Astrologers

Narayanan Namboodiripad of Kanippayyur Mana is a well-known and currently practising astrologer of Kerala. His predictions are published daily in some newspaper of South and North India. This video is in Malayalam – His idea on 2013-14 monsoon and other prediction.

Modern society is unwilling to accept the old outdated method of prediction, there are few reason behind it.

  • There is absolutely no high-tech equipment’s required for perdition, it a table with some columns draw on it and a few small sea shells. So there is absolutely no scope for sale of any equipment’s and high tech gadgets. It requires immense knowledge and the astrologer should be good with numbers to predict well.
  • Lot of scammers has learned half astrology and predict wrong or give vague information.

Other indications of a receding monsoon

When you see dragon flies flying lower to the ground area. It is a sign of thulavarsham (North east monsoon) in Kerala.
When spiders start building nest that is when rains have gone and winter is approaching.

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  • Kanippayyur –

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      yes true. local astrologer looked Panchangam for the info. He also said they can easily say if it was going to rain on that particular day by looking at panchangam.

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