How do DDT, Endosulfan and other pesticide react with Human Body?

Dr G Nammalvar once said in his TED talk and laughed,“Poisons are called medicine in local languages”(puchi marande– medicine for pest‘tamil’).

Any word that ends in “cide” would be killing something. So chemicals which kill pest is known as pesticide, insect – insecticide, bacteria – bactericide, fungus – fungicide, rodent – rodenticide, spider – acaricide, herb – herbicide, weed – weedicide and suicide is self killing. Furadan is a granular insecticide (highly poisonous) which is applied in soil and plants killing all pests however humans also die after consuming it. Then how can we call it pesticide? Which is killing humans. The right way to call chemicals which destroy any form of life is “Biocide”

Long and Short Term Effects of Pesticides on Human Body

Pesticides and harmful chemicals do not just cause CANCER, but also cause other problems which are well documented. However because of powerful lobbying, things are still not addressed properly.

Birth defects are very common because. Dementia, hormonal imbalance, bronchial disorders, degenerative diseases and auto immune disorders have all been connected with exposure to synthetic chemicals.

Victims of endosulfan kasargod
Victims of endosulfan kasargod

Now let’s see how human body works to eliminate toxins.

Almost all the disease starts from your stomach.

There are three main ways our body cleans all the waste from our systems.

  1. Fluid: Primary being with fluid which includes blood, sweat etc.
  2. Fat: Fat can be dissolved and expelled or deposited as per needs.
  3. Breathing: Yes if you breathe right and clean air, human body recharges itself well.

Now all your body parts require blood for cleaning and nourishing. Liver is primary organ responsible for cleaning all the mess. It is the only organ which can re-grow itself. No test can determine damage to it. Once its degeneration is diagnosed; recovery is nearly impossible.

Pesticides and Insecticides in Food

There is only one place where blood cannot reach. It’s inside your skull, brain refined matter.

At the start of neck there is blood brain barrier. Means no blood can go inside your brain. There are superficial veins outside the brain which causes haematoma when there is an impact.

Brain only develops till age four after which it stops growing. You can only maintain its health thereafter.

Why blood doesn’t reach brain is because chances are blood can damage brain if there is contamination in blood. Brain is made of gold circuit. Yes you heard it right, brains cells are made of pure refined gold. Gold doesn’t corrode easily and is also used in some parts of electronic circuit boards.

Food impurities can easily pass your intestine wall and enter into blood stream which can bind with gold and destroy your brain cells; this is the sole reason why there is a barrier.

Only refined and best food is supplied through the barrier. Cerebral fluid is also responsible to clean and keep brain in optimal health. So far modern scientist vaguely understands CF which only gives cushioning to the brain and floats inside the skull.

Alcohol also reaches brain, some of the ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines have very negligible amounts of alcohol from fermentation. This is also the reason why there is no medicine for mental disorders in allopathic medicine since no medicine can enter your brain. Only options for them are tranquillizer, hallucinogens, sedatives etc.

Other ways to nourish brain are through nose, centre point on forehead and through the anterior fontanelle which is the gap on the centre of the skull. Just after birth there will be a gap in the skull and the skull is divided in 4 parts which allows brain to expand. Gradually the soft core on the skull hardens and joins however there is still gap where oil, herbs and other medication can be administered to the brain cells. This is why you apply oil and rasnadi powder to keep brain area clean and smooth.

This is also one of the reasons why pesticide like endosulfan has created havoc in Kasargod.

Most of the pesticides like endosulfan, DDT all work on destroying nervous systems of pest. Downside is this also damages peripheral nervous system (PNS) in human beings, which is outside of the brain and spinal cord. Most patients have poorly developed nervous system or partially and fully destroyed. Since people close to cashew plantation areas in Kasargod were close to the aerially sprayed chemical, catastrophic changes were seen immediately thereafter. Most pesticides stay in the atmosphere multiplying like radioactive elements.

Cerebral fluid dissolves the waste from your brains cells using fat and carries it down to the rectum through inside the spinal cord. This end is made of fibrous veins which don’t allow the waste to go back once it reaches there.

If there is block in this veins or if you have constipation, then the process gets hampered causing inflammations of the nerves (piles). Now body looks at different ways to expel further waste. It tries to expel through cough. So if there is excess waste then there will be more cough formation and when you get drenched in rain or get exposed to sudden changes in climate, this comes out.

However you kill the process by antibiotics and that waste is stuck inside the sinus and other cavities. This is also one of the reasons if go under the sun you get headache, because this hardened cough melts with heat and expands in size.

If cough is not successful in expelling the waste, then the next process is dandruff. Solution is you apply shampoo and clean.

Body further tries to clean it through psoriasis, eczema etc. Later on toxin levels increase and other vital organs are affected.

Other chemicals also alter smooth bodily functions. Since you have understood how body work. Subscribe to know further.

This article is just for your information. Consult a doctor if you have health complications. Don’t try to treat yourself if you are unaware of things.


  • Article inspired by Late. K V Shivprasad mash
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