Stingless Bee Honey Extraction and Colony Separation

I had come across a colony of stingless bees in the a domestic space around the farm and relocated them to this clay pot. It’s time to harvest and split the colony. Let’s see how.

  • Stingless bee colony in flower pot. Sealed and hooked to frame of wooden roof.
  • Back view of the comb. After peeling the outer cloth off the flower pot. Hard surface made by bee can be seen.
  • Equipment's like sharp knife, plates and bowl ready for honey and wax extraction. Bamboo panels ready for new colony splitting.
  • Mask protects bees getting inside nostrils and ear opening
  • Honey extracting using a scoop.
  • Amber colony honey
  • Eggs and propolis (tree resin) transferred to a new location so that the bees can seal the joints and protect the eggs from intruders. If you closely observe the image you can see some bees near to the eggs. More the eggs more colony you can make.
  • More the eggs more new colonies can be built
  • Closeup view of eggs, larvae and couple of bees.
  • Discarded pollen, eggs and larvae which got submerged in honey while extracting

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  1. this is a very interesting group i read about but didn’t try out.
    he was brought up in village. went to chennai to work in IT.
    started his own farm which he sources vegetables from. people can help volunteer on the farm and visit the farm. he is known for his traditional greens. he labels from which farm each green was grown in. he is not a full time farmer but is doing this on the side.

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