Rooting Plant Stem Cuttings – Lay them Horizontal

plant cuttings loose moisture after cutting

When you cut any living thing, it starts losing its life and nutrition.

There are many plants which have poorly developed seeds or their progeny distribution through seeds is not that great.

Older generations understood with experience that some crops planted in a certain ways yielded more or lived more or gained strength.

Let’s take the example of Moringa (drum stick) here.

Traditionally drumstick was not planted from seeds. Instead, a small matured stem was used. Naturally some seeds may fall and establish well provided it gets suitable land and climate.

It was planted a little slanted, so that it anchored well and also yield well. Some people would also tie and strain the top most portion of drumstick tree after flowering which resulted in higher yield (May be it’s the stress factor).

Get the plot ready before planting. Fill lot of cow dung.Fresh roots emerge in abundance with cow-dung.

Softwood and Hardwood Tree Cuttings should be laid Horizontal for Two Days

Cut the stem 2 days prior and make sure you lay the stem horizontal on the ground; reason is that gravity will drain all its moisture and nutrients if kept vertical.

Keep the cuttings under shade and drizzle water as and when required; atmospheric heat will impact the stem cuttings.

plant cuttings loose moisture after cutting
Tree cutting loosing moisture after cutting

Make sure to apply mud or cow dung mixed with ash at the bottom of the cut so you know which is head and tail. Over the next two days, the base will dry out and heal; now it’s ready to be planted.

This concept applies to almost all the cuttings that you use. Be it creepers like black pepper and fruit trees.

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  1. Perfect. I was in an impression to plant it immediately after cutting from mother plant. Thanks for the info. Rgds. Sanjith.

  2. Thank you very much indeed for sharing this logical approach 4 growing plant cuttings.
    Very helpful gudence, will try next itself.

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