How to make pure coconut oil from copra at Home

Coconut (Copra) cold press oil at home and Small mill. Regulation and licensing doesn’t ensure purity. Even, and especially, for cooking oil. Big industries and lobbyists draft these regulations. Just like pesticides and insecticides; these

Health Myths of Coconut oil and Common Adulterants

Having few years of experience in dealing with coconut oil millers and merchants. Adulteration of coconut oil is widespread. Some of the common forms of adulteration in Coconut oil. Palm Kernel, Argemone Oil and Paraffin

Eenthu: Queen sago palm – cycas circinalis

Queen sago Palm is actually not a palm, it is a cycad. Cycas are known to be the oldest living species on earth, un-evolved for millions of years. Trees can be either male or female.

Toddy Kerala’s Backyard Beverage

fresh toddy served from mud vessel

Kallu (Toddy) as we call it in South India “Mula pal kainechto kola pal”. This line means after mother’s milk its coconut flower milk. Once upon a time in Kerala kids were given fresh toddy

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