Why you should avoid A1 Milk of Western breeds and Hybrid Cows

3 months old kasargod bull with visible hump

A recent study comparing Beta casein protein prevalence in Milk in different cattle breeds across the world revealed that indigenous Indian cow, buffalo, goat breeds produce A2 Beta casein Proteins, whereas the breeds which are mostly prevalent in Europe, Australia and the Americas carry genes that produce A1 Beta casein proteins in their Milk.

Kasaragod Dwarf average size udder
Indian Cows Udder has average size and shape. Hybrid and Western cows will have sagging Udder below Knee

Beta Casein in Hybrid and Genetically Modified Cows

Major difference between A1 and A2 milk is the presence of an amino acid at 67th position in a strand of 229 amino acids in cow’s milk. A1 has histidine and A2 has proline amino acid in the same position.

A1 beta casein protein found in western breed cows produces more serum cholesterol.  A1 milk is not easily digested by many people especially kids. Unlike popular belief, cholesterol is not bad; you need it in small quantities to maintain a healthy body. So I feel western breeds in cooler climate produce more serum cholesterol to tackle the climatic conditions there and maintain smooth bodily functions.

But is this high cholesterol yielding gene good for cows living in warmer regions of the world and how do they affect us?

High cholesterol producing A1 gene not only affects the cattle, the milk that they produce enters human bodies and affects us negatively. Moreover, A1 milk also causes complication with Prostate gland as per most online journals; along with growth hormones and genetically engineered food. If this is the case then your health, body and progeny is at risk. This gland is responsible for the smooth functioning of your reproductive system; producing seminal fluids which mixes with semen in testicles.

If this theory is correct, there is no use giving cross breed or western breed cows organic feed or letting them freely graze in Indian climatic condition. It will still give you high cholesterol and indirectly bad health because of the gene. This is very evident in rural places where modern day dairy cows are introduced.

To make matters worse, scientists have manipulated the genes in cows. It is believed pig(swine) genes were used to develop the modern day dairy cows because pig produces the maximum milk compared to its body weight. I don’t have a supporting document or proof. Please share your comments.

If the above theory is untrue, you should still avoid commercial dairy milk or any cross breed cows because of the hormones and chemicals that are pumped into their system to yield more milk without any proper study on the long term effects.

Difference between Indian Cows Milk and Hybrid Cows Milk

Generally dairy cows udder is 5 to 6 times the size of their original counter parts. Which is abnormal, their udder almost touches the ground(mastitis). It is unhealthy for the cows and even humans consuming the milk  which leads to severe consequences at a later stage.

Please stick to pure Zebu cattle for your milk requirements(I would suggest to support a farmer and indirectly get good milk and manure, provided you have the facility). Dairy industries across the world are trying to make their cattle protein A2, whereas Indian policy makers are running the other way.

Lot of Indian breeds are also getting A1 beta casein protein trait because of cross breeding with imported breeds. A Vechur cow born to a cross-breed cow may produce A1 type of milk. Most Vechur cows in Kerala are nowadays born to hybrid A1 type milk cows.

I wish the day never comes when Indians have to only depend on western dairy farms or cross-bred zebu cattle for milk with A1 beta-Casein.

All milk including (Zebu cattle A2 milk) is not good if it is homogenized, pasteurized, grain fed, antibiotic-fed and/or growth-hormone loaded. There is no comparison to raw, healthy grass fed zebu cow’s milk.

Do come back later. I will post more on unhealthy homogenization, pasteurization and other modern approaches to milk.

PS: Chilies(especially Kanthari chilies) can be used to effectively reduce serum cholesterol.

13 Replies to “Why you should avoid A1 Milk of Western breeds and Hybrid Cows”

  1. Hi, I want to know whether akshayakalpa organic milk is from Zebu cattle? Is there any process to figure out which protein in there in akshayakalpa milk? A1 or A2?

    Sorry for delay.

    As far as I know and from their website it is A1 of Hybrid cows. Original HF and Jersey would be giving good milk in their home tract. Please note that all the hybrids that you see in India and other parts of world are generally GM cows (Genetically engineered to produce more milk, It seems pigs genes are cut and pasted to the cows for higher milk production).

  2. Dear author,
    Nice effort and thanks for informing.
    That’s why In europe they call Milk a “White poison”. While our desi cows give yellow milk, this filthy imported animal which is not a cow, gives white milk.
    Why don’t you make an application letter to the health minister of India harsh vardhan for banning A1 milk or praying his ministry to issue the direction to dairies to put the warning regarding type of milk on milk pouches/bottles?
    attach all the supporting documents with the application and send it to: Health ministry, consumer affairs ministry, and ministry of agriculture and animal Husbandry.
    Publish the application letter with the supporting documents on your blogs, so we can also make the same application to them.
    Together we can do and achieve what we want.
    My many friends, I, and millions and millions of patriotic and helth concious Indians are with you.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  3. The information presented in this article is not contradictory to the facts presented in this article. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3475924/

    I am a consumer of Akshyakalpa milk and would like to know which of the information is “half lies” and “ignorance” to make a informed decision myself.



    I read about GNS Reddy and BAIF. I even mailed him. No reply.

    Does he still heads Akshyakalpa??

    So are you from Bangalore? I read Akshyakalpa supplies milk in Bangalore. What is the current price of akshyakalpa organic milk?


  4. The whole article is based on half truth and half lies and ignorance. The author is confused and misleading the readers.


    Thank you Dr Reddy for pointing out. 🙂
    Yes I may be ignorant and confused.

    But can you please take the pain in guiding what is correct.

    1. I think you are veterinarian G.N.S. Reddy head of Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Pvt. Ltd., which produces milk from hybrid or import breed cows?

      1. There are no imported cows in India. All the cows etiher cross breed or indiginious are born to local cows.

    2. @Dr.GNS Reddy, MD says:

      He is not misleading, he is helping us understand what is correct.
      An Orignal indian cow, buffalow has qualities like of a Mother, she can never harm anyone, but these hybrid cows, they are so confused that they can hit anyone for no reason at all.
      We humans have created a mess out of what has been given to us by nature. Not only we are playing with Nature, but harming ourselves. And yes the writer is absolutly right, when he says’that indians are going the other way round. I am an Indian, and i must say that people of my country don’t understand the value of our culture. They just blindly follow what ever is comming from west. Somethings from west are just catastrofic.

      1. Many things from the west are chatastrofic. I am Western and my partner is African. I drink raw biological cow milk and eat biological food. When I am in Africa I see the Western chemicals and I feel so sorry. They spoil the lakes with the chemicals they spray on the roses. People that work with them get sick, fish in the lakes die. The people from the villages used to eat fish from the lake. They cannot do that any more. I feel so ashamed that these chemicals come from my country. This is a small sample.

        Same is the story everywhere. Nothing is going to change anytime soon.

    3. Mr. Dr.
      Like you guys has bugged the whole world by your insane and Useless experiments and science couldn’t give peace good food that is tasty as well as healthy to human beings otherwise tension and difficulties in so many ways. Desi cows milk is like a great gift from the nature but like you guys deteriorated the whole thing.

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