Making a Perfect Bamboo Harvester

Bamboo plays a crucial role in any farm. They have countless uses and benefits. Let’s look at how to choose a good bamboo pole harvester for picking fruits. The goal is to make it strong and light once dried.

All the bamboo varieties are generally very strong. Most of the times fresh bamboo will already have an arch because of leaves at the top. Once you cut the bamboo there will be a lot of moisture in it which will quickly evaporate leaving the bamboo to arch and disfigure further.

Arched Bamboo after drying
Arched Bamboo after drying

Careful selection and a little human intervention is required to make the perfect Bamboo Pole Harvester.

How to select Perfect Bamboo Harvester

  • Generally yellow variety of bamboo is preferred. However certain light green ones can also be used.
  • Make sure there is almost 1 feet or more length between each clumps or nodes.
  • The girth of the bamboo also should not be too thick. It becomes difficult for holding and balancing in the air.
  • Before harvesting make sure the bamboo is at least 5 years old.

Once you have identified the perfect one, try to harvest the bamboo during no moon days or close to it. This makes sure that there is less sugar content in the bamboo; helps it last for a very long time.

How to Straighten an Arched Bamboo

Let’s see how to straighten the arched ones and also prevent it from further bending while drying

You need a straight 90 degree wall and floor; and some heavy stones. Place the bamboo on the ground sticking to the straight wall parallelly. If bamboo is not sticking well to the wall, try to press it with force and then place heavy stones over it, so that it doesn’t move. You may need two people for help.

Straighten Bamboo poles with just few heavy stones
Straighten Bamboo poles with just few heavy stones

Let the bamboo dry out completely, it takes approx two months depending on the climatic condition.

Take the weights off, and lo we have a straight, sturdy Bamboo Pole Harvester which will last you a long time. Pluck and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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  1. What are the other uses for bamboo??


    There are many many uses of Bamboo. Its very versatile.

    You can use it like a ladder to climb trees, i will post later have some pics.
    Shed or traditional house wall construction
    ceiling construction
    Big Bamboo as vessel for storage – have seen some 100 year old ones in wayanad
    Construction, can be used as a substitute for steel in reinforcement – Uravu they have done it and still continue

    This is what I can think of immediately.

    There are many more.

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