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Traditionally ayurvedic medicine was prepared with Venda Velichenna (Uruku velichenna) which means coconut milk that is boiled and reduced to oil.

It all begins with extracting milk from coconuts.

Today’s virgin oils are made through centrifuge, refrigeration, fermentation or solvents to separate oil from the milk.

Oil is separated leaving behind the cream which is further used in skin care products. Cream or the left over milk taste and smell good along with other nutrients. You are losing out on lot of known and unknown things in the coconut milk which doesn’t get passed on with the oil.

In this traditional process of making oil from the coconut milk, water from the milk evaporates at 100 deg Celsius and coconut oil is not hampered in this process provided the flame is kept low and even.

Coconut milk is boiled at a very low flame; continuously stirring is required to maintain constant and uniform temperature. Vessel also plays a major role. When the water starts evaporating, cream gradually curdles and then it leaves behind all the nutrients, ultimately hardening like wax. It takes approx 6 to 8 hours of boiling to get perfect oil.

The coconut oil extracted by hot conditions (HECO) contained more phenolic substances than the coconut oil extracted under cold conditions (CECO).
Means more antioxidants in heated coconut oil from milk. I am sure there is much more to this, which will be discovered in coming years.

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Below mentioned article and video will help in understanding the process better.

Wet Milled Virgin Coconut Oil – Venda Velichenna | Uruku velichenna

Oil color can vary from mild copper to semi dark copper shade. Too much color means oil has turned bad. Too little; moisture will spoil it soon.

Utmost patience and dedication is required to get the right maturity.

Store in a cool dry place, Transfer contents to an airtight container after opening.

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