Malabar – Kerala Black Pepper

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Net Qty: 250, gms

About the Product:

This products is not officially certified organic product. However it is free from chemicals, no preservatives.

Because no chemicals are used chances are pepper may get molds. However if you take care of few important aspect it can be stopped.

  1. Moisture is one of the main reason so make sure you use dry hands while taking it out and closing the container.
  2. Darkness and stagnant air for a long time is also one of the reason.

Above are the main reason and perfect conditions for mold to grow.
Remove any one of these and you stop mold growth. Your kitchen always has lot of humidity in the air.

Peppercorns are the large, dark and consistent quality. Black peppercorns from Malabar region.

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Original Malabar Black pepper from Kerala

Collected from backyard farmers and tribal people, free of chemical impurities and other harmful pesticides.

1 packet of Malabar Black Pepper- 250  gm.

Store in a cool dry place, Transfer contents to an airtight container after opening.

PS: All of products are strictly grown for domestic use and not for any commercial purpose, only the surplus is collected and traditionally processed and Eco-friendly packed.

Weight 0.25 kg
Net Qty.

250, gms

9 reviews for Malabar – Kerala Black Pepper

  1. Ranadip (verified owner)


  2. Felicia (verified owner)

    The aroma of the pepper is so amazing. Store bought pepper stands no chance. Also the service is amazing.

  3. Arth

    Never tasted such great quality black pepper. One we use to buy from our local store now feels fake after trying this.

  4. anishcr

    I have heard that most of the spices available in the retail market are those whose essential oil has already been extracted. From the aroma and the flavor of this pepper, it looks to be straight from the pepper vines (with no oil extracted).

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