Are you consuming pure turmeric powder or Lead Chromate & methyl yellow

Turmeric plant (curcuma longa) has been cultivated in most part of India and other continents since time immoral. Cooking with turmeric powder is just a new phenomenon; almost 20 years back in Kerala people would crush it with a heavy duty mortar and pestle, which would be grinded with curry paste whenever required (You can soak them in water overnight and use next day). Industrialization gives us the modern day…


Eenthu: Queen sago palm – cycas circinalis

Queen sago Palm is actually not a palm, it is a cycad. Cycas are known to be the oldest living species on earth, unevolved for millions of years. Trees can be either male or female. Female of this genus produce the seeds and male produce a big cone-like fruit with lots of pollen. A particular specie of beetle carries out the pollination. So if there are no male trees around…


How to Naturally Purify Well & Drinking Water

It is well known that one can survive without food for a few weeks however without water, not more than 3 days. More than half of our body is made of water. Kerala has the most number of wells per It is the highest in the whole world. More than 80% of the people depend on well water for their daily use including drinking. However this is changing because…


Dear Readers

It has been more than a year since I have posted anything on this blog. Lot of comments and mails remain unanswered and abandoned. Apologies for all the above. I was going through rough time. I had to stop all my activities and start working for an Agro processing unit in Ooty. Then I met with a major accident from which I have recovered quite well as of now. I…


Traditional Knowledge on Identifying the Perfect Cow

Bull arching backbone while excreting

Cattle breeding, as a science, was well accepted by our ancestors. They had evolved a checklist of traits to look for in bulls and cows when selecting for breeding. Below is a short checklist I prepared from my experience. Although, I must caution that despite all your best efforts, luck and imperceptible issues in cows could derail your best laid plans. Besides, the pool of cows to select from has…


Chandran Vaidyar Kerala’s one of last few remaining Traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyar

Medicine left for curing in mud vessel

When I moved to Kerala I had only a vague idea about Ayurvedic medicine and its ways of treatment. It was Valsan Kolleri, a craftsman by trade, who led me to an ayurvedic shop in the sleepy town of Pattiam. Valsan was looking for an arishtam that would ease digestion as well as cleanse bowel. “Try this triphala. I made it.”, the clarity of that utterance is still clear in…