Astrological prediction of monsoon in Kerala

This article guidance and source is a local astrologers. This year(2013) it is raining heavy. It is oeta(single) para in Malayalam. There are 10 para of rains altogether in each year as per old scriptures. Each year 1, 2, 3 or 4 para falls on land, mountain or ocean. Suppose land receives more than 4 para, this is when severe flooding happens(pralayam in Malayalam). This process of 10 para of…


Some Interesting and Good to know Facts of Ants(Urumbu)

Nei Urumbu of kerala Carrying Eggs and Larvae- Spiny Harvester Ants

There are many things Ants can teach Humans. Provided you respect and understand them. Ants work a lot which directly or indirectly help humans in their farming and other activity. Humans would have learned the art of storing food for future consumption through ants, bees and other small creatures. Ants are the Best Indicators of Approaching Monsoon. When you see Spiny Harvester Ants(black with reddish shade – in Kerala it…


Black Pepper endemic to western ghats of Kerala

Black pepper seed germination

Black Pepper and Long Pepper belong to piperaceae family. Black Pepper which is also known as (Kurumulaku in Malayalam – Kali Mirch in Hindi – Marich in Sanskrit) is cultivated for its fruit. Which is normally dried and used as a spice, medicine and seasoning. Black pepper is endemic to western ghats of Kerala. Since centuries India is a source of high quality pepper specially the Malabar variety. Pepper was…


Why you should not buy a vechur dwarf cow

Indian Cow tail almost touching the ground

What makes vechur cow so special? 1) This is the first endemic cattle of Kerala registered with (ICAR) Indian Council of Agricultural Research 2) By 1970’s less than 100 cows were left, so it was in the extinct list, Normally when this happens people are ready to pay a hefty amount to keep the specimen of the species. 3) They are very small in size, docile and adorable. If you…


Is Kerala repeating Cuba’s path of farming?

Kerala and Cuba has undergone tremendous social reforms. They also have a lot of things in similar be it foot ball, tourism (tourism is one of the main sources of income in kerala and cuba), politics(Communist Party has high influence). It reminds me of a Malayalam movie by sreenivasan Arabikatha. Actor Srinivasan’s name in the movie is “cuba Mukundan”. He has great respect for cuba and its leaders. In the movie Mukundan…