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This batch of honey, collected by the Apis cerana indica bees (Indian honey bee),is from an ongoing harvest which began in the second week of March 2021. This harvest is expected to last until the end of April. The honey extracted is from multi culture plantations around the foothills of Brahmagiri Forest on the Kerala side.

This honey is rich in variety of sources and possesses a complex set of flavors infused by the climate, it’s topography, the season and it’s derived vegetation. Most of the honey available in the market these days is collected by breeds of honey bees that require mono-culture vegetation to thrive and is therefore flat in flavor.

About the product

  • 100% raw, pure, coarsely filtered, unpasteurized, unheated honey.
  • Contains naturally occurring pollen, enzymes, antioxidants, natural probiotics and naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide
  • Produce of Kerala

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Processed by

  • Madhusree Bee Farm, Alakode, Kerala.

Storage care

  • Honey must be stored in sterilized air tight glass bottles at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.
  • Honey must never be brought into contact with contaminated utensils like unclean or used spoons.
  • Honey must never be stored in a kitchen where it’s typically hot and humid. Dark, hot and humid locations speed up fermentation.
  • Fermentation is inevitable over a longer period of time. Fermentation makes the honey taste a bit sour. When this happens the easiest way to reclaim the original flavor is to place the bottle in sunlight for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Crystallization is a natural occurrence for pure honey. If crystals form set container in warm water until crystals disappear

Nutritional Info


  • 100% raw and pure honey.


  • Do not feed honey to infants under one year

Additional information

Harvest Info

This, batch, of, honey, is, from, an, ongoing, harvest, which, began, in, the, first, week, of, February, 2021, and, lasts, until, the, last, week, of, April, 2021., Honey, is, collected, from, areas, adjoining, the, Bramhagiri, Forest, range, in, the, foothills, of, Coorg, mountain, range, and, adjacent, to, the, Kerala, state, border., This, honey, is, collected, by, the Apis, cerana, indica bees, (Indian, honey, bee)., These, types, of, honey, bees, are, indigenous, to, the, south, Asian, region, and, found, most, commonly, in, Kerala, and, adjoining, areas., The, hives, are, set, up, in, wooden, boxes, and, spread, in, an, area, with, density, of, not, more, than, 20, hive, boxes, in, 1, acre., The, unique, attribute, of, honey, collected, by, these, bees, is, that, they, require, diversity, in, flaura, for, them, to, flourish., Most, of, the, honey, available, in, the, market, these, days, is, collected, by, breeds, of, honey, bees, that, require, mono-culture, vegetation, to, thrive., The, honey, we, provide, is, therefore, rich, in, variety, and, possesses, a, complex, set, of, flavors, infused, by, the, climate, and, it's, derived, vegetation., This, seasons', batch, will, be, infused, with, honey, collected, from, the, blooming, flowers, of, coconut, palms, cashew, trees, mango, trees, cocoa, plants, rubber, trees, areca, nut, garcinia, cambogia, coffee, plants, and, other, wild, trees, found, in, the, forests, region.

Processing Information

The, panels, from, each, box, hive, is, collected, manually, with, utmost, care, to, not, harm, the, bees, or, destroy, the, colonies., The, panels, are, individually, placed, in, a, portable, centrifugal, extractor, and, the, honey, is, extracted, and, collected, in, barrel, and, transferred, to, the, processing, unit., The, benefits, of, this, approach, is, that, the, extraction, does, not, damage, the, hive, which, facilitates, better, regeneration, of, honey, in, the, same, panel., The, honey, is, filtered, using, just, a, muslin, cloth, during, this, stage., This, ensures, that, substantial, pollen, is, retained, in, the, honey., Once, the, honey, reaches, the, processing, unit, it, is, filtered, once, again, using, a, finer, multi-layered, muslin, cloth, to, remove, other, contaminants., The, quantity, of, pollen, in, the, honey, must, also, be, regulated, during, this, stage, because, pollen, and, humidity, speeds, up, fermentation, of, honey, thereby, altering, its, flavor., This, is, one, of, the, reasons, why, our, honey, does, not, enjoy, extended, shelf, life, like, the, other, major, honey, marketing, companies., Popular, brands's, processing, phase, involves, micro-filtering, (removes, all, traces, of, pollen), as, well, as, pasteurization, (removing, bacterial, spores, by, heating)., Pasteurization, is, unimaginably, detrimental, to, preserving, the, true, flavor, of, honey., Once, lost, it, can, only, be, reclaimed, using, artificial, additives.

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1, kg

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