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Daahashamani (Kerala Ayurvedic rose color water) helps cool the body as well as purify blood and improve digestion. Adding half a table spoon to 5 litres of boiling water will infuse it with all it’s medicinal goodnes along with imparting a pinkish hue and an exotic aroma. This precise concoction of 4 essential plants and herbs is a creation of Chandran Vaidyar on request.

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About the product

  • All ingredients are sourced locally by Chandran vaidyar.
  • All ingerdients are processed by hand using traditional techniques.
  • Contains no preservatives or additives


This packet contains a concoction of the following

  • Vetiver: is a natural coolant as well as a digestive. It is widely used in treating acidity, fever, skin disorders, fatigue etc. It is also helpful in alleviating irritations while urinating.
  • Sandalwood: in small doses acts as an aphrodisiac. It also increases strength, nourishment and boosts immunity. It aids in keeping the urogenital organs in a healthy state.
  • Nanari root: is effective in keeping body cool and purify blood. It also boosts semen production, controls urinary infection, excellent anti-inflammatory, helps in digestion, keeps constipation away.
  • Wild Sappanwood (Pathimugam): Excellent for Acid Re flux, helps in purifying blood, good for anemic people, it is know for its anti – thrist properties, good for complexion, anti-bacterial and anti acne, anti diabetic.

Storage care

  • Transfer contents to an airtight container after opening.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Usage instructions

  • Boil 5 litres of water.
  • Add half a table spoon of Daahashamani to the water and allow it to boil for a further 1 minute.
  • Switch off heat and cover with a tight lid. Let the mixture settle.
  • Consume luke warm or cold.

Manufactured and processed by

  • Chandran Vaidyar, Kottiyodi, Kerala.


pack of 2, 50 grams each

Additional information

Storage Infotmaion

Transfer contents to an airtight container after opening.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Net Qty.

100 gms

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This article has 18 Comments
  1. How soon should the 5 litres of water made with dahasamani be consumed? Is it good for children and how many millilitres of dahasamani water should we consume daily?

    Dear Shubhra,

    one tea spoon is enough for 5 liters of water. This is what a general house hold boils. People in kerala call this as karingili water.

    It just like drinking normal water. you add some herbs to it.

    Kids what ever they drink as plain water. Can be replaced with this.

  2. This ayurvedic herbal mix not just imparts great flavor to water but also is a rich source of antioxidant in water once you boil it.

    This is a good ayurvedic drinking water. Value for the money.
    Have order one more pack.

  3. The product is good. It adds a nice aroma to water and I feel the purity of product. Overall I am satisfied with Daahashamani.

  4. Me and my wife were not big fans of flavored water, but after trying this, have changed our opinion. Very good product, mature flavors.

  5. This stuff is real and too good. Cannot resist the aroma when I open the pack each time. Real sandalwood.
    Material immediately delivered and good followup. Thanks.

  6. Being raised in Kerala. I am used to boiled water with flavors.

    this product brought back the memories, such a great product.

  7. I have bought different Daahashamani’s from the market and was not very impressed by them. I was curious when I saw this product priced at Rs195/- for 50g.

    Anyway I thought of trying this once after reading the ingredients in the description. I am happy that I ordered the product. There is a nice fragrance of vetriver and sandalwood when we open the packet. The taste of the water is much better than the normal daahashamani’s.

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